Alimentary, My Dear Watson*

The warning of this morning?
Even toast can kill!¹
-A little over browning,
The bearer of ill will.
Great British Breakfast
Undermined in one stroke.
You can still go to work on an egg,²
But all soldiers are revoked.
It’s all about the science-
Way too hard for my small brain
Though stark enough the warning
Not to burn the toast again.
Anything, but ANY-THING
Can take you to the grave
But will self-inflicted misery
Leave anything to save?
What if knee-jerk abstention,
(Complicated by this fuss)
Leaves you lacking in energy
And flattened by a bus…?


* Respect due to Sherlock Holmes- and, by association, to Joe Jackson (musical hero of old)



1/2 –Although possibly only the gift of folks over fifty…





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