Never trust a man with a strawberry blond barnet¹
Without fully questioning what lies underneath it:
The business of US president, an interesting precedent-
A testing indictment of majority public sentiment.
Too late for those who didn’t vote,
A spectacular platform for others to gloat.
Divide and rule, whether sinner, saint or fool,
Whether prize race horse or nether-field mule.
Irrespective of the spectral views
Expressed by those who read the news,
Or hear it on the radio-
Or on some or other controversial talk show.
The business of democracy too precious for hypocrisy,
Ballots cast, recast and counted
Even as the tension mounted.
Loyalties split like comedy trousers,
Gasps of concern drowned out by carousers,
Sorrows awash with inevitability
Worrying how their future will be…
And the World looking on while steeling its nerves
To wonder how this man will serve.


*God Bless America.

¹ PKA ‘ginger wig’

et cetera. et cetera, et cetera


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