Reveille for the USA*

Woe is the World…
This President Elect
The one whom few will ever forget,
Not so much for his politics
As arrogant, headline-grabbing antics…¹
Unless, in fact, this is media selection:
Whether to damage or simply court correction.
The former perhaps the most obvious plan,
Constructing the downfall of a questionable man.
Creating a backdraft of desperation
And eking response from an apathetic nation,
Some bereft at losing Obama,
Others maybe moderately calmer,
Hopeful that their Motherland
Will swiftly take in gracious hand
The cuckoo in this hornet’s nest
(One that half the world detests),
Worried for his centre of gravity
And penchant for depravity…
Loose of tongue and short of patience
Guarded by teams of secret agents,
Finger hovering over the button,
Part buffoon, part power-glutton,
Chosen by Children of Liberty.
Hard not to see the irony…
The truest meaning of Freedom, indeed,
A state of being that none will impede.
So what, then? Is just the start
Of activists wanting to tear apart
The process of democracy
By engineering a mockery?
Ergo, perhaps, therein The Test:
To balance conformity with uniqueness.
An American Dream in every sense of the word
From comedy through drama to the downright absurd.

* – great sound!

¹ Take your pick from a mine of alternative news stories- it seems as though there’s a different narrative for every degree of opinion.


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