Barking Parking*

Like many here, I park my car
From whence I hope it’s not too far
To haul my sleep-depriv-èd mass
To school in reasonable time for class,
Noting with increased concern
How busy people seldom learn
That other folk around them share
The morning’s daily parking scare…
The urgency to not be late
Declining us to hesitate
To check beyond our destination
Worried that such hesitation
Might incur a penalty
Of lateness on our part, you see.
That every household has a drive
Leading us to plain surmise
That each their wheelèd chariot
Will stow quite safely on their plot.
But, no! No such simplicity
With access their priority-
Not to take up pride of place
But simply to be able to leave the place!
Not so crazy when you think
It’s like an over-crowded rink,
Drivers in their urgency
Behaving, well, quite self-ish-ly…
Thinking that it’s quite OK
To block those driveways every day
In blithe belief no car is needed.
That, and fear of lateness ceded:
Precious moments lost to parking
Risking a professional carking.¹
Every single second counting
‘Til the pressure’s really mounting,
Fear of admonishments
And feelings of incompetence
Blurring any sense of price
For basically not being nice…
Is it right we should encumber
Neighbours, laying bumper to bumper
Wrong across their rights of way
Because we’re late again today?
Park it pretty
Park it neat
Park for all who use the street-
And think of all the gym fees saved
By walking on that hill each day…


* An existential crisis of the 21st century…

¹–for anyone who remembers Neighbours…


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