Mobile Misogyny

There’s a fair amount of fuss
About watching pornography on the bus…
It’s not something I’ve noted
Being openly promoted
Down on the lower deck
Where people still use tech
But mostly just to text or moan
Broadcasting ‘I’m ON THE PHONE!’
For everybody and their spouse
Leaving none in any doubt
That, least of all, the speaker near
Has absolutely no idea
They’re breeching the parameters
Of other paying passengers
Who make their own displeasure known
By acting out the verb ‘to moan’
By shuffling briefly on the spot
But never- absolutely NOT-
For a moment breaking cover
(Glancing unto one another)
Speak their peace to those concerned
Of need to exercise manners learned:
That these days, few would still pretend
Such behaviour is of men
(Souls of the sexually indiscreet
The sort one would not generally meet)
So if we elders keep our counsel,
On the business of public arousal
How will those herewith engaged
Understand the sense of rage,
Of growing sadness and lament,
If the message is never sent,
Making clear the consequence
To girl peers social confidence?
(But not just theirs, as is suggested:
Lads themselves have, too, protested,
Growing worries of their own
On account of the role models on their phones…


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