Eponymy of Scale*

There’s someone else on the planet
With the same name as me…
In more than half a century
That numbers only three!¹
Though this one is outstanding-
A musical inspiration-
A female with a bass guitar
(An unorthodox situation);
A diminutive figure
With an instrument of size,
Playing with distinction
Alongside the guys.
Subtle by comparison
To her male counterparts:
A fabulous indictment
Of women in contemporary arts.
Travelling the fingerboard
While blending Bowie’s voice.
You’d never know, I don’t suppose
That baseline is a woman’s choice.
The silence of a role model
A particular inspiration,
Action speaking with the words
In dynamic collaboration.



* A tribute to the outstanding musicianship of Gail Ann Dorsey… an honourable namesake indeed!

¹ I’ve never had a good relationship with my brutally short, no nonsense moniker- although my mother tells she and my dad wanted ‘something to go with Veronica’, after Sister Veronica, a nun who supported my parents in their determination to be married but facing prejudice from both families on account of racial differences. They stayed together against all the odds for almost 50 years, until my father died in 1999 after a long battle with Alzheimers.


http://www.allmusic.com/artist/gail-ann-dorsey-mn0000157306 -biography



https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DWtSyorjXv4 Dueting with Bowie on Under Pressure


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