It breaks my hard to see the struggle
Of kids in class in a constant muddle,
Clearly unable to grasp instructions
And on the verge of starting ructions.
Fidgety, giggling, turning round,
A subtle disruption without much sound:
Not enough to catch the eye
Of any adult passing by
“Notice me!” the clarion call
Of the kid who’s far behind them all,
Struggling with all that’s being asked
In what’s perceived as a ‘simple’ task.
Just imagine how it feels
When your weakness is revealed;
Drawn reluctantly into the light
After so much effort to keep it quiet
While grown-ups wouldn’t stand for this
‘It’s in your interest’ kind of business.
So how can it still be okay
For unready learners
To be treated that way?


* For which also read ‘high visibility’. By the nature of the exercise, all kids have a will to learn out of natural curiosity. So if they’re constantly failing in school, who is responsible?

& Margaret Donaldson’s classic, mercifully slim volume: Children’s Minds (1978)


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