Off Your Trolley… *

Twenty-first century supermarkets
Pose quite a conundrum indeed
Selling everything we could possibly want
Alongside what we don’t need,
The vital business of advertising
A virtual battle assuaged
With happy, smiling model ‘staff’
Attempting to engage
A tired mind preoccupied
While resting in front of the telly
On topics such as competing brands
That’d make your life less smelly
(Not for a moment suggesting
That this is an actual fact,
Even with so much money
Invested in a top class act…)
Combine that with an earworm
That’s hatched from a jingle
And, bang to rights, they’ve got you
Nerve endings all a-tingle,
You’d have to switch off not to notice
The way this war plays out,
The screening of ‘special’ offers
A regular daily ritual
Great efforts and much money spent
To ensure every trolley’ll be full
(Except, perhaps, during Lent…).
Your life won’t be worth living,
Friends and neighbours will ostracise,
If you don’t snatch up those 2-4-1’s
At such a bargain price!
Avoid the inevitable tragedy
Of failed common sense
That Squandering cash
Will in time come back to haunt
With terrible consequence.
Not forgetting the Profits,
Those powers that foretell
Whether you’re responsible
For Supermarket Heaven
Or Supermarket Hell…¹


¹ An askance nod to Saturday Kitchen!


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