Put the bloody computer down.
Pull out the plug,
Put your feet on the ground!
Let your mobile phone go flat
And see just how you cope with that!
Step outside and meet the day
-It’s gonna be there anyway…
Feel the wind in your hair
And the rain on your face
-Who gives a **** if you’re a disgrace?!
No-one can catch you- you’re free to go
The best bit? Nobody needs to know!
The secret’s yours to do as you will,
Seeking calm and quiet or an outright thrill,
Breaking ranks with the modern era
To see things just a little clearer,
Through eyes wide open and flooded with light.
No-one to check if you’re wrong or you’re right;
No-one to question your every move,
Give you their blessing or disapprove;
No one to cost you a hidden fortune
Or vex you with their ringing tune;
No one to pester with spurious news
Or rumours let loose to plainly confuse;
No one to shovel the vitriol
That acid-burns your mithered soul.
The hills are alive¹ without intervention
From these pernicious contemporary inventions.
Freedom comes to those who walk alone
Not tethered to the telephone.
Steal yourself and take a look
Between the covers of an open book…


* Feeling preoccupied by the business of technology and the growing potential for loss of direct human connection


¹ A respectful nod to the Sound of Music…


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