World Regression*

The Russians are getting restless
With Putin at the helm,
His high-profile military posturing
Showing will to overwhelm.

The Middle East is a mystery
So complex and intense:
Thousands of folk in fear of their lives,
The challenge of survival immense.

Europe is in turmoil
As nations begin to test
The very solidarity
That made us believe we were best.

The British have almost lost the plot
With all the Brexit malarkey:
Politicians as grey as they come
And no real sense of a party…

The Americans…?
Well, that’s a difficult one.
It seems they’ve turned up Trumps:
A weird-wigged man in their premier role
And his wife, not yer average frump.

The very fact the world is round
Perhaps a Grand Design,
The science of circular orbits
Innovated with change in mind.

From darkness to light and back again,
A metaphor indeed.
You’ll see it unfold on live TV
-But don’t believe what you read!


*Draw your own conclusions… or alternatively, just do what makes you happy -and play nicely.


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