Four-Legged Friends

Have you ever considered re-homing a pet?
-A simple creature that’s experienced neglect,
Through absolutely no fault of its own
Now in genuine need of a caring home?
Perhaps an animal that’s failed to fit
Into the life folk planned for it?
The business of human aspiration
Deteriorated to sore vexation
Because the chosen quadruped
Could not do exactly what they expected.
Fearful confusion, a thickening veil,
Would make even stalwart humans fail:
The don’t-do-this and don’t-chew-that
Way too much for a dog or a cat
To process in their new surroundings,
Whiskers twitching and faint hearts pounding…
They haven’t the voice to say what they feel
Though the look in their eyes may well conceal
A fear so intense it can look like attack
When all they want is to love you back.
But change is tough with no explanation,
On a backdrop of hope and expectation
Plainly apparent in everyone’s face.
The urge to care demands steady pace-
A whiskery twitch
A face round the door.
And gradually, paw by paw by paw,
A creature in desperate need of hope
Will find it own pace and learn to cope.
Whether re-homing a mog or a mutt¹
Consider with care all the ifs and the buts
Consider with time the changes they’ll bring
And whether you’re really doing the right thing.
A wordless trust, the matter at heart:
Could you offer an animal a loving fresh start?
Have you space enough in your territory
For a happy ending to a difficult story?  (most recent provider of serial, much loved cats to this household)

-and doubtless many more, depending on where you live and what kind of creature you would like to consider re-homing.¹


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