A New Year Revelation…*

If Christmas is for the children
Are we not all kids at heart,
Nervous in our silence
For the hope of a fresh start?
Worried for the trail we leave
With others bound to follow,
Just as we’ve done all our lives
And will do again tomorrow…
The stuff of human learning
A job that’s never done,
Which arguably suggests the need
Of protected space for                                                                                                            fun
-The stepping down from giddy heights
Of daily responsibility:
To love and laugh and share a joke,
A natural proclivity
Though all too often buried beneath
The stuff that makes us grate our teeth,
Trying with stalwart pragmatism
(Oft perceived as dogmatism)
To maintain an even keel
In every effort to not reveal
How, in fact, we’d love to change,
To strip right back and rearrange
All those things dissolved to habit,
Knee-jerk reactions that silently cohabit
Until, when looking in the glass
We notice how much time has passed
In a reflection visibly defined
By the gradual emergence of tiny lines…
Requiring, by cultural decree,
Exponentially increasing sums of money.
But- what if…? (Now, here’s a challenge-)
…What if we sought to quietly avenge
The market force of youth over beauty
As a simple matter of generational duty??
Those accursed ‘fine lines’ that subtly define
The lives we’ve led, and yet malign
Plain evidence of a life well-lived:
A very particular kind of gift.


*Draw your own conclusions…






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