Rest In Peace.*

Hold back the tears and raise your hands-
Heaven must be hosting one helluva band
-Serial musicians of our generation
Together on a cloud causing quite a sensation
While each and every one-time teen
Remembers how good our disco days have been-
From shuffling and awkward in different corners
Watching over-confident John Travoltas
Completely oblivious to onlookers’ despair,
At their white-suit-and-boots-style personal care
To the silent emergence of ‘New Romantics’
Perfecting mad hair and makeup antics,
And suddenly, Wham!!- A rap round the ears
The launch of a career ahead of its years
A wake-me-up call before we’d go-go
Down the local student disco,
Freedom♡ on the dance floor the name of the game
Those experimental poses showing no signs of shame:
A careless whisper beneath that hair,
Held together with gel to spare…
Then, in nineteen eighty-five,
When newsreels inspired a passionate drive
To Feed The World  (an approbation
Making Live-Aid the landmark of m-m-my generation)
George and Elton took to the stage
In a memorable duet that thoroughly engaged
Everyone everywhere, looking on
While unwittingly singing along-
One in the spirit and one in the cause,
The resounding echo of thrilled applause
A heartfelt endorsement of all we believed
Of a simple campaign for famine relief.
Thirty-one years have since passed between
That glorious day of centre-screen
You in the headlines and me, elsewhere.
It isn’t that I didn’t care-
I just got Older, Let go my grip,
(Not so much a Fall as an age-related slip)
Sensing from a distracted place
Inherent signs of private disgrace
Spoken by your silent distance
Resulting from risk-taking in the name of romance.
We think these days that times have changed,
That what doesn’t work can be simply rearranged
In the name of simple human spirit
And all the hope burning quietly within it.
Meanwhile, in the background
The barriers prevail,
Those private things
The very nails
To ultimately crucify
The fighting spirit
Of any ordinary guy.



*Rest in peace,  George Michael: a stand-alone icon of my musical lifetime

-contains just a few of many greatest hits…



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