Christmas Present

When I was small, I truly believed
That each and every gift I received
Was delivered by hand to my home address
By a chap attired in seasonal dress;
A pudding for a belly, a bell on his hat,
And a red velvet gown to cover all that.
(His belt, a little tight, I fear-
A possible consequence of chocolate and beer?)
Loaded with parcels, he’d take to the sky
Careful we didn’t see him go by.
He rode on a sleigh by reindeer borne
Sure to be done by Christmas morn,
His duty discharged for a further year
Then swapping out of traditional gear
Into… well, who’d dare to speculate
How Santa dresses for a date..?!
We wondered in awe where he disappeared
And how he kept such a pristine beard,
Radiant white, not a whisper of bristle…
For that matter, how did he read each epistle?
Each lovingly written indictment of fact
That, yes, there have been disharmonious acts,
Especially between big brother and me
Though he was careful the folks didn’t see…
Such subterfuge once critically honed
Is now substituted by mobile phones,
Ubiquity of electronic devices
Duping us into eidleweisses(!¹)
How did it happen the myth was blown,
Seeds of doubt so casually sewn,
Limits imposed on imagination
By e-lec-tronic communication?
Where did all the magic go?
If anyone finds it,
Please let me know.


¹ –idle vices…  ;0)


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