Celebration Vexation*

For those who share their birthday
With the craziness of Christmas,
Here’s wishing you some ring-fenced time
To set aside the business
Of exponential retail,
Of pressure from all sides,
Ungracious giving of joint gifts
To cover for all tides…
So stand up on the table
An blow your trumpet voluntary,
A musical reminder that
You’ll not be left in solitary
While your besties, near and dear,
Go crazy with the wine and beer,
Piling shopping trolleys high
With stuff to help the day go buy,
With grannies tipsy in the chair,
Offspring content to leave them there,
With children hatching plans instead
To quietly pile things on their heads;
Tinsel being the favoured style
Whether adorned or simply piled…
Then the chance to engineer
Festive debris in grandpa’s beard,
Glitter sprinkled with due care
Absolutely everywhere.
Well, what the heck-
Why should it be
That Christmas takes priority??
-Why not step out from the shadows,
Make damn sure that everyone knows!
Tis the season to be jolly-
No excuse needed
For general folly!!


*For Andrew, Karen and anyone else who’s grown up sharing their birthday with Christmas!


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