School is definitively out for Christmas!
If I’m honest, it’s been a curious business;
All the ropes that bind together
The stuff of learning, pain and pleasure,
Suddenly slackened to negligible tension,
Swiftly dispatching all sense of abstention…
All the formalities shunned to one side
In favour of laughter -there’s much to deride!
The Politics of Workload, the top of the pile,
Alongside Standards, a system so vile
As to label a child’s capacity
With reductionist perspicacity…
…And there I go- still easy vexed,
Tripping and stumbling into the vortex
Even though I quit at the peak
And stripped right back my working week,
Finding Recovery in a simpler pace
With calmer ways to fill the space:
Toes on the threshold, nose on the glass,
Still ever mindful to let things pass.
-Not as easy as it sounds…
Thinking of those Pavlovian hounds:¹
Even subliminal contingency
Would spur them to a barking frenzy
Proving just how easy it is
To get sucked under by this Learning business…
Even those long chained to the ship
Must reconfigure relationships,
All the formalities shoved to one side
In favour of laughter, this swift change in tide
Proof-positive teachers are people too,
Crossing the threshold of their professional zoo
To private rehabilitation.
A vital feature of their occupation.



∗ Saluting colleagues past and present, from a considered place of prior experience, eventually quitting to save my sanity and my soul…

¹ Behaviourism–A fascinating subject, abundantly researched and rich with controversy…


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