Family Festivity*

Deck the halls with boughs of holly
Stepping over the ingenuous folly
That Santa’s just a bearded guy
Empowered to make us buy- buy- buy!
Worries about what the Family thinks
Drawing us closer to the brink…
Have we honoured all traditions
In the name of coalitions,
Knowing deep down in our hearts
It’s round table trouble starts?
-One wrong word to fuse the game
Of sparring in pursuit of blame.
As the Christmas turkey’s cut,
Senior members of the party
Already well-oiled, hale and hearty,
Sherry, it seems, the seasonal cure-all
For suffering behaviours bound to appal.
The postprandial Monopoly challenge
A passive endeavour hell-bent on revenge
While Nannas knit and grown men snore
(A comical symphony kids adore!
Temptation to wake them with a poke
Another annual family joke,
Bearing in mind with the passage of years
Resultant anger may end in tears…)
Women, meanwhile, tend the mess,
Only later to confess
The peace and quiet this enables
After the acrimony at the table.
And so, transcending generations,
We, in turn, take up these stations:
Family habits embodied run deep,
Traditions evolving for us to keep,
Laughing fondly as we recall
How much we love to share it all.


*Fond memories of the simplicity of childhood!


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