Target Practice*

I’m heading for the doghouse…
I haven’t done my paperwork:
The consternation this aroused
Suggesting that I shirk.
A veiled accusation
Exponentially up-scaled
Because I dared to justify
The way this has prevailed.
I dared to stand my corner
(Quite calmly, as it goes)
Suggesting that I felt it best
To first engage with those
Whose short-term futures rest with me,
Beholden to a process
That if not handled carefully
Will doubtless cause distress.
I took a calculated risk
To talk with each one listed
To ask them how they view their lot;
What challenges persisted.
With plain desire to listen,
To focus on solutions,
It seems I overstepped the mark,
Fair breached a constitution…
We haven’t time, it seems to me,
To wallow with indulgence
To sit and to pontificate
Assuring our refulgence(!)¹
The future for young people
Is bleak enough, it seems,
Without a set of Standards
To quantify their dreams.
At the heart of the art
Of the science of teaching
Is something more precious
And well worth reaching:
The spark on a flint
That ignites curiosity
Motivating learning
That finds its own velocity.

smiley sad chalk.jpg




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