Seasons Greetings*

December is here but the leaves are still changing,
As though the seasons are rearranging…
Radiant green the prevalent shade
Only gradually beginning to fade
Multiple hues of orange and red
Spectral affirmation that the leaves are dead,
Floating down on the chill of the wind,
Affirming that Nature shall not rescind .
A proper White Christmas would be something to see…
Temperatures dropping by gradual degree,
Folks attired in geological layers,
A thin disguise carried nonchalantly:
Hats, scarves, gloves, in various styles
Some in colours you can see for miles,
Collars up and noses proud
Shining like beacons to lead the crowd,
Though Fashion Statement’s a bridge too far:
This is no time to be partic-u-lar .
Safe to say there’ll be complaints,
Plentiful invocation of Saints,
As frozen fingers scrape away
The awesome white wonder
In which children play.
Anyone old enough to remember
Times in the past when it snowed in December
May quietly recall the seizure of things,
The blocking of roads, the trains all stopping,
Schools all closed for the want of staff,
Initial vexation turning to laughs
As everyone crept out onto the streets
Determined to soften the sense of defeat;
Experiencing just a hint of delight
At the real possibility
Of a snowball fight! …other sources of forecasting are available!

The computer flatly refused to paste this one as a link… Enjoy!


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