Parking Political*

Parking in Brighton
Is far from right on…
The premium tariffs completely adrift
And, frankly, causing rather a rift
Between the Council, hovering with greed
And road users whose freedom this impedes,
Tourists, its seems, at the top of the list
Of those entitled to feel p*ssed
While those of us who just reside
Are frankly herded to one side,
Charged a fortune annually
Simply because we’ve no garage, you see…
It would surely be fickle indeed
(And quite unlikely to succeed)
To stand on a soapbox and make a scene
About how furtive this tax has been,
Noting with a certain sense of illogic
An inequality absurdly unpolitic
That those with driveways and too many cars
Can park with alacrity under their stars
While those of us less financially blessed
Are stuck with paying to fund the rest.
And yes, quite frankly, I’m downright angry!!
Who in their right mind would just keep quiet
When there’s ammunition here
To start a riot…!


* A notable unmarked irony of my allegedly egalitarian hometown…


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