Conversation Pieces*

Silence was Golden back in its day.
But here in the present, we have too much to say.
Much to the ether, expect response
By virtue of the fact we’ve a guaranteed audience,
Communicating across the airwaves
Sure in the knowledge that someone will crave
To dignify endeavour with a response
(Though not always the kind of reply we wants…).
Households awash with electronic devices,
Functions a-go-go! -still full of surprises,
Metamorphosed from extraordinary assets
To absolute-essential finger-tapping habits.
Witness co-workers gathered for breaks
Listening with half an ear, correcting mistakes;
Stroking their screens like much-coveted pets
-Is this the way modern needs are met…?
Just one dinosaur in the crowd
With pencil and paper, muttering out loud,
Trying to give form to some idea
That likely will later find its place here.
The net result is no rocket science-
Each one glued to a respective appliance
Forging a place of depersonalisation.
Thus hangs the future of conversation.


*From sitting in the staffroom at work watching pretty much every colleague in rapt silence, poking and stroking some or other mobile device… alongside fond memories of ‘Nutshell’, a folkband of my early adolescence …

Simon & Garfunkel- The Dangling Conversations


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