Is the dominance of the ‘white board’
To be admired or abhorred?
Centrally placed in every room
Contributing to the planet’s doom
On the basis of pure stupidity
That it runs on e-lectricity?
Is it to be exalted, adored,
On the grounds that I.T. is the only way forward?
Humans defeated by marketisation
Somehow persuaded by false representation
That money for microchips makes good sense
Irrespective of exponential expense,
Initial outlay a drop in the pond
When it comes to the business of upgrades and add-ons…
A wing of economy gathering strength
Folks of all ages going to all lengths
Just to be sure they’re staying on trend,
A social security on which to depend:
The iconic value of advertised gadgets,
A curious way to create a Habit.
Aloof in the background, a small voice of concern
Urging more focus on How Children Learn.1
Witness Piaget, Vygotsksy -and Skinner
(Behaviourism, the very beginner:
His cause-effect contingency
An unavoidable victory,
Foundation stone to all we know
But still may never notice, though,
For learned response beyond our ken
Is what makes stuff come round again.
But if that knowledge is digitised,
Would it come as any surprise
If in a moment of power failure
Even the most elite regalia
Failed to function, leaving us numb.
The tiniest chill of things to come…

1 WRT Margaret Donaldson’s classic text ‘Children’s Minds’ (1978)

2 –quite simply because we can’t be anything else… something of a personal mantra in my day jobs


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