Short Sighted…*

The cost of myopia is something to ponder,
As though we who need specs have money to squander
Just to enable the correction of vision.
How can this be legitimate free-market competition…?
Have you at the top of the marketing pyramid
For even a moment just raised an eyelid
To contemplate the practicality
For those of us who cannot see
And, finding we’re required to raise
The equivalent income of a working day’s
Tax-susceptible hard-earned wage
Are reasonably entitled to experience rage.
I question the justice of such imposition:
Already a dangerous disposition.
This simply-not-being-able-to-see
Should not endure such penalty,
Not least because there’s no way to change
The way one’s vision diminishes in range,
Nor should the four-eyed be forced to contribute
To the company profits of folks in suits…
Whether with distance near or far
The need to see is particular,
At the most basic level of need
From watching your kids
To being able to read…
The problem I have is pure logistics:
The expense of glasses is plainly sadistic.
Yes, I accept there are low-cost options
But nonetheless, please examine your conscience:
You have your audience over a barrel
Neither mind nor scope have we to haggle,
Some (-many? I’d not be surprised)
Unable to afford to correct their eyes
Preferring to err in a gentle haze
Spending hard-earned cash
In more essential ways.


*NHS glasses from the age of 10 (pink/blue/’tortoiseshell’ with wire ends…remember them??), contact lenses at 16… Pound (/99p)shop readers at 52½…in every handbag and most rooms… Laser surgery, NON!!


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