Black Friday Fandango*

Fridays come but once a week.
This one, though, some kind of freak,
Hijacked by an American thing
Inspired to make the registers ring…
When Black Friday Comes¹
We’re all supposed to shop,
Buying anything and everything,
Completely unable to stop,
Encouraged to take excessive liberties
Under the auspice of pending Festivities,
This bizarre excuse for shopping with vigour
A logic that doesn’t wholly configure-
Except, of course, to those at the bank
Who doubtlessly won’t stop to thank
The thousands of folk spilling millions in cash
Accumulating a fabulous stash
Of stuff they’d never thought they’d need
As brazen publicity headlines succeeds
In tempting curious shoppers towards
A wealth of cut-price Pyrrhic rewards.
It’s not my place to moralise
On this curiously unfettered exercise
But part of me can’t help but wonder
Just what happens to all that’s plundered?
Will there be late recriminations,
Exhausted shoppers across the nation
Waking from their frenzied endeavour
And realising, frankly, it’s not so clever
To buy such a volume of unplanned stuff;
That favourite shops are good enough
To buy for those who matter most,
A process that always used to engross
Choosing gifts with love and care
That small act of love
Reduced to despair…


*No headlines to be found online today due to the wealth of retail advertising…

¹  just for the nostalgia!


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