A gift that comes with conditions
Shaped by the human disposition,
Survival of the fittest
The lore of biology
That outmanoeuvres
The wit of psychology:
A capacity of mind
To seek and discover
Reasons to put one foot
In front of the other,
Just to keep going
With no way of knowing
The twists and turns.
They teach: we learn
With the general idea
We will come to discern
The subtleties of wrong from right,
Keeping firmly in our sights
A simple sense of cause-effect:
The sensitivity to detect
Those patterns of rigidity
That limit possibility;
That close the blinds
Of a curious mind
Preventing the illumination
Of simple solutions
To vexing situations,
Leaving love and laughter
(Firm partners In crime)
To safely protect,
One day at a time.

*The answer to all the questions in the Universe… according to Douglas Adams’ novel,’ The Hitch-hikers to the Galaxy’ (1979)


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