Anyone who prays,
Please pray for me.
I don’t have the strength of faith, you see.
I’ve tried and I’ve failed: a simple tale
Of how things have unfolded in my reality.
It isn’t that I’m blaming,
Any more that I’m complaining,
Rather, finding the need of a prayer
In the name of my mother,
Who, suffering with age
Somehow continues to find the courage
To rise from her bed and to face the day,
No longer distinguishing labour from play,
Stalwart in endeavour with tasks to complete
But she quickly forgets and so they repeat.
Or sometimes she doesn’t remember at all,
Goes back to the start and re-does them all.
What’s worse is that I’m sure she knows:
She works hard to make sure the cracks don’t show.
Putting one foot in front of the other
Hoping that no one else will discover
Evidence of the slips she’s made
Until again the memory fades,
The needle sliding back to a place
Where what matters is simply saving face,
Trying against immense resistance
To maintain basic independence.
It’s a simple matter of dignity,
Gradually eroding in spite of her plea.
But God, it seems, has other plans-
So hard for me to understand.
She knows, though.
I feel she’s pleading
To end this broken life she’s leading.

-just two of many sources of information and support


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