Contemporary Communication Disorder


The glance is mightier than the word.¹
An observation not so absurd,
The curse being sharper than the sentiment,
Semiotics, the weapon of intent.²
A smile may launch a thousand ships,
This cause-effect relationship
Declared of Helen Of Troy, I believe.
A curious burden, ill-conceived,
The blame and cost attributed
To one woman’s face,
Or so it’s reputed.
A poor excuse for war indeed
Although mythology has decreed
The fault – if that’s the term to apply-
Should rest, for once at least, with the guy,
Who took it upon himself to fight
In the name of her beauty
…How can that be right??
What kind of excuse is that to indict
The face of a woman as a cause for war?
There are better things worth fighting for-
Though such natural capacity for visual hypnosis
Shouldn’t pass completely unnoticed,
An act, in kind, inherently absurd
Considering causes these days preferred:
The unending fight for equal rights,
As much to work or study or fight.
For that matter, standing for election
(A veritable challenge to the might of erection,
Knocking Sigmund’s radical exposition
On gender difference from pole position³…
Ladies!- Women!- Sisters all!
Mindful that I may appal,
My generational dogma’s done-
And yes, we still have our fun
But watch and worry on your account
As social media pressures mount†
Herding whole generations to slaughter:
Brothers, sisters, sons and daughters
So afraid to stand alone
All on account of the mobile phone…



¹A slight distortion- though not from Shakespeare, as it turns out!


³ No excuses for this: refer to Sigmund Freud on ‘penis envy’…

†Got a bit carried away here…



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