Star Spangled Statesman

America, America,
My God!- What have you done
Appointing Sarah Palin
With her penchant for the gun
To second-guess the monolith¹
You voted in as president?
Are you truly ready to stand behind
The things he represents?
Are you selectively myopic,
To his controversial topics
Like the wall to stem the tide
Of those who crave the northern side?
The Land of Opportunity
And Home of the Brave
Standing headlong in the face
Of the coming tidal wave,
Beginning as a trickle
That looks not-worth-a-nickel
While the world of Western leaders
(Not openly conceders)
Holds its breath and braves its face
Anticipating some disgrace…
Which, when you think about it
Seems a tad prejudicial
Given that, as yet,
He’s done nothing official.
Which leaves me quietly wondering
(I’m sure I’m not alone)
Who’ll be tap-tapping
The Oval Office phone…
The whole world is watching
With degrees of trepidation
This curious time of change
For America’s Great Nation.

¹ Other adjectives are available, depending on your point of view…


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