Margins of Magnitude (7:00am)

Rug-rats versus weasel:
Which the lesser of two evils?
It’s ‘too close to call’
We’re climbing the walls.
Politics is dangerous game
And not for the faint hearted,
Blurred vision and myopia,
Inflictions gamefully imparted:
The power of words completely absurd in selectivity of meaning,
Incumbent debate invariable inflaming wounds that needed healing.
The hopes of a populous imbued in strict historical process
The media flying with the crows to pick of over the mess.
The folks whose job it’s been to vote with clear and present conviction
Putting crosses where it matters in this State if dereliction
The rest of the world standing nervously by
Awaiting the formal results
While various interested parties
Trade rhetoric over insults,
The ordinary folk whose job it was
To mark their ballot papers
Nervously retreating
In the aftermath of these capers.
America, America, it’s not for us to judge
But somehow in the course of this process
Something’s got to budge?
The Western World is watching
The Rest of the World is too-
Everyone silently hoping
And searching for a clue,
Trying not to assume a close
That mitigates defeat.
The rest of the planet
Just turning its back
In preference to beating retreat.
America, America
For all that you espouse
Can you give some reassurance
On what’s going to happen now…?


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