Hilary¹ and Teresa² up rather different trees
With no inclination whatsoever to please,
Leadership clearly a one-woman act
Whether supported or whether attacked.
A subtle reminder of the Thatcher years,³
Enshrined in history for plundering fears;
Portrayed in the media as megalomania
Because, it seemed, no man could tame her…
‘Tis a curious phenomenon from where I sit:
If these women were guys, would we question it?
Or would we simply moan in stage whispers
And gripe down the pub about loud-mouthed sisters?
There’s no straight answer- that much is clear:
We close eyes and minds when we close our ears
Somehow eschewing all that’s recounted
Suggesting we should each stand up to be counted,
Carefully exploring our own positions
Before espousing unremitting derision…
Ask yourself, if you think you can,
‘Would things feel different if she was a man?’
And how might we who equally possess
An inalienable right to the voting process
Inspire in generations to follow
That Democracy as a process
Is anything but hollow?
That marking that cross on a ballot paper
Is a million miles from some comedy caper;
Something to do because it’s there
Because we can- but just couldn’t care.
Though one politician blurring into the next
Is enough to see any voter vexed,
Trying to distinguish truth from lies
And principles from money and family ties.


*WRT the blurring of things…

¹ Clinton

-And remembering the Eighties…
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jINZBOxdja8 – !!



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