Across the Pond

America, America,
Do you see what your allies see?
A two horse race?
A National Disgrace?.
An absurdist fantasy?
Mrs C. versus Donald Trump…
You bet your boots he’d slap her rump
For want of his lack of appropriate words,
The whole affair so very absurd.
The rest of the world on the edge of its seat,
Ill feeling between them beyond indiscreet
Exposing a wound too deep to heal
And weeping with secrets too raw to reveal.
The media’s working overtime
To keep up to speed on the pantomime
With ordinary folk around the world
On the edge of their seats at abuses hurled
Wondering, with nobody to hear,
Is anyone out there sharing the fear?
How can there be any faith in a process
Of acerbic remarks and financial excess
With military might well groomed in the wings
Recalling the days of the four-minute warning?
History repeats because nobody listens¹
While trumpets and fanfares headline missions,
Multi-media slick and abundant with rhetoric,
Trying every goddamn trick
To stick our gaze on human tragedy
So circumventing political travesty:
Striking fear into the hopes of nations
Preoccupied by mass migrations.


¹ Respect is due to Steve Turner’s poem,’History Lesson’


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