Now there’s a word
To captivate the passive-absurd:
A sociological construct nouveau
Applied to people we, all of us, know.
Restless, the knowledge in our heads
Of all that we have ever said
In open response to those social causes
Brought about by negative forces;
Wrought by nature, wrought by Man,²
Enacting some or other plan
In praise of his autocracy,
The outcomes deeply troubling to see,
The endless subtlety of wars
Just wanton destruction in the name of a cause
Augmented to persuade those looking on
That sources of evil are vanquished and gone,
And that giving of money will take a lead
With so many injured mouths to feed.
Pictures of children’s suffering
Capturing hearts, encouraging giving
As though, from a place of Western peace
Donating money will finance release
Of love, of sanctuary, of care
For thousands helplessly struggling elsewhere.
It’s never enough
And won’t change minds,
But may at least some comfort find
And in its turn, perhaps inspire
The motivation to enquire
Whether skills that we could offer
Might complement the filling of coffers³.


* -meaning ‘lazy’

² – for which, I want to mean ‘people’ but struggle to find much in the way of gender balanced evidence. Sorry, chaps.


-and of course googling pretty much any local, national or international cause of interest…


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