Dear Mrs May,
As we stand before ‘Independence Day’
Is there not an unmarked sense of haste
In the rather-uncomfortably-rapid pace
Of England’s much-vaunted Brexitation,
Riven with weakening expectation
Hanging like old paper-chains
Across the unexamined ‘Remains’
Of an unconvincing voting process
With Yays and Nays showing little to impress
A clear sense of dominant views
On England’s membership to the E.U.,
Your party claiming victory
On account of ordinary folk like me,
When Scotland had the common sense
To recognise that majority consent
Shows proper mathematical robustness,
Diminishing the Them-And-Us-ness
That thoroughly colours your party Blue:
One rule for us and another for you.
The very fact that history repeats
Would suggest you’ve learned nothing
From previous defeat.
How will it be to see your name
Inextricably linked forever with shame
‘Here lies Teresa May M.P.
Famous for pyrrhic victory.’


*…Get it…?



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