Birthday Girl!

Dear Caroline,
You’ve crossed a very important line
Where no-one has the right to ask
How many years you have surpassed
(-Not that a gentleman ever should
Ask one’s age, if he knows what’s good..!).
Nothing to look back for
Except how much you’ve learned:
The hurdles you’ve transcended,
The corners you’ve turned.
The things you’ve discovered
Developing your strengths,
The people in your corner
Who’d go to any lengths.
The things you’ve been storing up
For just this occasion
All quietly waiting in the wings
For when you feel like doing things-
But until then, their counsel keeping
Knowing there might be much sleeping…
The world is your oyster
(Assuming you like shellfish?)
Time to share and time to spare
-And be a little selfish!

And this- which would not be committed to an optional link!


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