If ever I was dehydrated,
Science would be fascinated
That my powdered disposition’s
In a well-maintained position,
Honestly only testament
To caffeine.
…What a sorry lament!
Overlooking my behaviour
Truly, what a saviour:
No black market shady dealing,
Beats hands down Earl Grey and Darjeeling!
Though truth be told, I’ve reservations
About the product’s preparations,
The money I have so invested
In multinationals so uninterested
In the tiny perturbations
Of their tax year calculations
Makes me feel ashamed indeed
Prioritising personal need
Over ethical background info,
So desperate for my latte-to-go…
But  increasing regularity
Brings me closer to a greater clarity
Of cost-benefit mathematics,
When all is said, not that dramatic:
Just enough to make a change.
In simple terms, to rearrange
My daily post-work ambling:
A recreational shambling
From street to street in my home quarter
Just because I know I oughta
Get some air and exercise
-So coffee, naturally, is the prize…
A basic chemical reconstitution,
My working day’s habitual restitution,
Though glad to say, I’ve found a source
Of quality beverages free from remorse,
A local spot with space to sit.
And sit (and write) and sit and sit
Until with caffeine much revived.
Another day done
And I’ve survived.     – Yay!!


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