Festive Fandango

Christmas is coming.
But after Hallowe’en…
Not for a moment forgetting
There’s Bonfire Night between.
The exponential build up
Of pressure to shop
Drip-feeding early warning signs.
The momentum will not stop.
Pressure coming from all sides
To know just what’s on sale
(-Not how much it’s going to cost:
That secret will prevail
Long after loved and little ones
Have silently set minds
On some or other item
That Santa Claus *must* find,
Without which small, expectant lives
First heartbreak will endure…
You think you can’t afford it?
-Are you absolutely sure…?
Without which, close family ties
Will be completely compromised,
The power of disappointment
An overwhelming sentiment
Set to sadden one and all
As tears and tantrums just appal,
The Nearest, Dearest, Did-Their-Bests
Regretting how they’ve failed this test,
Endeavour left unrecognised
By rumpled faces, teary eyes,
The sense of desperation
An untapped source of media sensation…
You borrows the money or takes the choice,
The prospect of a little voice
So crestfallen that Santa’s failed
To fill a need that so prevailed:
The purchase of a single thing
That *everybody else* is getting
A family Christmas
With lingering regret
At avoiding the prospect of
National debt…


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