National Shame

The National Game
Is wrought with shame
And desperately seeking someone to blame,
Closing ranks on its own excesses
While glorifying past successes,
Players being played a small nations GNP
And for WHAT??
I really struggle to see!
For a die-hard reductionist,
There’s got to be more to sport than this
Women, if you’re not aware
Earning a fractional wage by compare
And fans, God bless their naïve souls
Haemorrhaging money in pursuit of goals.
Chaps, forgive my naivety:
This seems like rank stupidity…
Would you really sell your family
Down the torrents of the bank-breaking Swanee
Just to watch the Beautiful Game?
-Do you really, truly, have no shame?
‘Premiership’ prices of admission
Provoking no signs of managerial contrition,
Watching the money raining down
In pursuit of some or other hollow crown,
Plans already signed and sealed
Over yet another insider deal…
Gentleman, guys, chaps, lords and lads
You’ve gotta be honest,
This all looks bad:
The business-versus-sport-versus-ruthless-profiteering
Spinning in the aftermath
Of all that we’ve been hearing.
Frankly, my dear, I do give a toss1
In social matters of profit and loss:
I wince at the casual alacrity
With which you regularly find the money,
To watch your idols chasing a ball.
As though nothing else
Really matters
At all.


1 Respect due to Gone With the Wind… ;0)

And a spot of whistle-stop reductionism…


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