I’m a Woman on Wheels!!*
How great that feels-
Ending the rabid self- justification
In the Bus-versus- Taxi conversation
Wherein I argue both cases with vigour,
The fee for the latter significantly bigger:
The argument for ergonomics
Far outweighing economics,
Travelling directly from door to door
A small investment worth paying for.
A simple luxury, worth the fee
Given the expediency;
From door to door without the pressure
And knowing I’ll arrive that little bit fresher(!)
Than if I’ve tackled the merciless peak
That I’ve been ascending for the last week:
A vertical plain disguised as a pavement
The daily focus of my torment,
Japanese Endurance¹ not my thing
(Preferring as I do to sing,
Wherein such pacing has its place,
Step-clap on the spot with a smile my face;
Wondering now how far we stride
While never departing each other’s side…)
Mr Mechanic ², my thanks indeed
For renovating my knackered steed.
And for the absence of inquisition
On my vehicle’s somewhat unkempt condition…


* An official acronym!

¹A Japanese game show first encountered on the Clive James Show in the 80s- Well worth googling!

²Eternal gratitude to my local garage!


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