Conservation Conversation

What a wonderful notion,
To regenerate nature through passive devotion
‘Allowing’, for such is human dominion
(Depending of course on your opinion),
The regeneration of diminishing species
Sending the message that everything’s peachy
For if mankind can just replace
All we’ve destroyed to just save face,
As though we can simply hide the shame
Of visible destruction in our name.
I’ve questions, too, from my childlike perspective
With all the curiosity of a clumsy detective,
Having sat in the classroom in years gone by
Not having the courage to ever ask ‘Why…?’
Evolution, as it says on the tin,
Is survival of critters equipped to win.
So how does it work to keep putting back
Members of species deemed under attack?
Isn’t this cycle of human intention
In fact a Pyrrhic intervention ?
Are we misreading our place in the chain,
High-Order assertion of our Right to Remain
An explicit and humbling duty of care
To maintain the planet and all that grows there,
Complicated by unspoken confusion
Around the businesss of Evolution..?


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