The Quality of Equality

Half the population of this godforsaken planet,
Taking liberty for granted because our forebears won it:
The battle to break the dominion of men
Now quietened by history but necessary then.
Those of us that treading in the footsteps of that era
Finding, in fact, we have little to fear
The contest hard-won that confers our worth,
An unwritten law enshrined from birth,
A rightful start to liberty in life
No matter our place: sister, mother or wife.
Some of us so lucky to have freedom of will
While others are at the mercy of brutality still
Where men have not had need to question
The singularly plain suggestion
That women hold up half the sky
And that’s the very reason why
They’re fully entitled to equal rights,
Avoiding the need for enduring fights
Just to achieve the clarity
That’s still so essential for parity
And leaving me wondering what some men may still fear
About their free-thinking equals here… – a genuine undertaking to fund support for women affected by domestic violence


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