Happy Ever After*

Zac and Georgia sitting in a tree,
A moment to go down in his-tor-y,
Standing at the Alter to make the vows
That take them forward together from now.
The promise to love, to honour and obey,
Take the rough with the smooth from day to day,
Seems easy on paper but practice will tell
That faith and respect have their place as well.
There’s no going back, there’s only Tomorrows
So, plenty of time to repair any sorrows.
The future is yours, the map un-affirmed,
With plenty of time to simply adjourn;
To take a step back and survey the horizon
And take the right turns for the journey you’re on.
Whatever you do, wherever you travel
In the unlikely event things begin to unravel
Remember above all else in your heart
You made the right choice right back at the start.
Stay strong together in love and in life:
You’ll make quite a team as Husband and Wife!



*For Georgia and Zac on their wedding day xx


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