An Olympic Legacy

Dear BBC,
Congrats on your achieving
Olympic coverage on TV.
It really was compelling
To watch our teams excelling
Offering themes of conversation
Built upon the hopes of a celebrating nation
(Lightly overstepping the unspoken audacity
Of claiming the thrill for other people’s victory..!)
National Pride increasingly swelling
With viewing becoming so compelling
As we watched our teams ascend the heights
In everything from diving to gymnastics to fights
Inspiring new competitors to follow in their footsteps,
Seeing just what’s possible after work on the biceps(!)
I’ve never been a sportsperson, with all the best intent:
Poorly coordinated, I used to resent
The way my teachers of PE
Encouraged everyone but me
And one or two more so disposed
To the business of repose,
Having not a sporting gene
To share among, much less between.
I tried to change, I really did
But any latent talent stayed doggedly hid,
Disposing me to simpler things
Like folding origami and a preference to sing.
I can’t recall a time of pride involving others by my side.
Or any time of pride at all,
Except when Choir came to call;
The hours involved in mastering a song
Mindful of just how much can go wrong.
The simple imperative?
To strive for the best
With the skills and enthusiasms to which we attest.
So there it is, my own team pursuit:
A different way to follow suit
Suggesting quite simply that aiming high
Covers any endeavour under the sky.









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