Taking style tips from Italian women
Has mercifully little to do with so slimming
Which, in its way is a huge relief
For few of us look comfortable wearing garments too brief(!):
The tweaking and pulling and stretching required
Can ruin the Look and *never* inspires.
There are icons to be seen of all shapes and sizes,
Sartorial elegance and no surprises.
Following the cultural mores of fashion
With classical elegance and obvious passion.
Teetering heels or sandals or flats,
Jewels with discretion and occasional hats,
Even a handbag dog or two
But creases in the heat, remarkably few.
I’m studying hard but to little avail:
The devil is clearly in *every* detail.
My quintessential Britishness?
-Outstandingly ‘budget’ and frankly, ‘distressed’!



*a modestly respectable length… ;0)



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