Gender equality’s
Still far from where it ought to be,
That glistening glass ceiling
So transparent most can’t see…
The shifting of parameters
Diminishing the calibre,
Raising the bar
And then hiding the key.
The headlines go crazy
For any frontline lady
With balls enough
To scale the parapet
But once she’s ascended
Her glory’s quickly ended,
The victory upended
By mob-fuelled Press regret…
Is this all too easy,
Just way too PC-pleasey,
To blame chaps for causing the fail?
To crank up the volume
‘Bout how they fail to make room
So that only the Man-stuff prevails?
Or is this just a smokescreen?
Are the women not that keen
Or skilled enough to take a leading role?
Too quiet to be heard?
-Oh, really! That’s absurd
Even though it’s what’s reflected in the poles.
Though is cannot go unnoticed
That Teresa offers promise
By dint of her gendered demeanour:
While I can’t help but question
Her much-publicised direction
I’m sure she will turn out to be meaner,
With the Press holding out
For evidence of doubt
And the Opposition baying in the Chamber
She must host PMQs using all her best moves
Fingers crossed that her Party
Won’t shame her…


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