Disunited States

America, America,
We’ve been down this road before:
Me and my country-folk looking on with awe
At the hearts-on-sleeves emotion
That rises from your crowds,
As though if it ain’t hollered
It means you just ain’t proud;
The Star-Spangled Banner aloft across the land
A symbol of identity we’re supposed to understand.
So, what then of the voiceless, the weak and the small?
How does such effusion draw them in with you at all?
It’s scary to imagine such divisions of integrity-
What passes for acceptance and rights to equality.
It’s difficult to witness the powers of persuasion
As the worst kind of peer pressure sweeps across the nation
It probably, really, isn’t your fault-Such journalistic liberty
So does it ever worry you that this is what we see?
The simplest of psychologies broadcast round the world,
A flotsam of integrity, only minor abuses hurled,
Divine sartorial elegance in colours that enhance,
A Language of the Masses to heighten the chance
Of messages so well-rehearsed,
Media-savvy in chapter and verse,
Worming their way into hearts and minds
Til John and Jane Doe1 wake up to find
A sure an certain commitment to place
Their ‘X’ in a box that shall not disgrace-
At least until the dust has settled,
And all with motive have ultimately meddled
With sure and present knowledge of the spaces in between,
The Haves plainly visible, Have-nots, rarely seen.
Tsunamis of passion breaking live on the telly
Touching every nerve and tensing every belly
While the rest of the world must look on in silence
Hoping against hope you vanquish your tyrants.
America, America, with baited breath we wait
Nervous for your verdict:
Your democratic twist of fate.


¹ –John and Jane Doe: the USA’s equivalent to UK’s Joe/Joanne Bloggs

Sooo many perspectives to choose from-








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