Trumped Up

Politics only really sticks
When key characters espouse polemics.
Talking rational common sense
Can lack a certain sentiment
While talking rubbish, spitting bile,
Is pretty guaranteed to rile.
Humans, by their nature fickle,
Would really rather slap than tickle
In order to communicate
The challenges upon their plate
And, thereafter, sore provoke
The vulnerabilities of other folk
Who may themselves have felt quite mild
Until exposed to rhetoric vile,
The crazy-headed weirdy sport
With such capacity to distort;
To play into the minds of fools
And those with strict regard for rules.
Structure and force
To duly endorse
A bunch of ideas
Motivated by fear,
The angst itself an ignorance-
Belief in a hero
Sporting leotard and pants…
Enacting realistic change, you see,
Demands responsibility
A true Gestalt of collective fault
Combined with hope
And clarity.
But while we look for captaincy
It’s the rudderless vessel
That troubles me…
Incapacity to steer
Plainly generating fear,
Patent absence of reflection
Forging tragic misdirection,
All those folk who lack a compass
Falling behind an absolute *rse,
Rudderless passengers hitching a ride
Oblivious to the billowing tide
Struggling to get their bearings,
Possibly not even caring
Just as long as they’re up front,
Centre-stage in the publicity stunt,
Interests all shrink-wrapped in plastic.
Well-protected. Bombastic.
Self-belief just oozing forth
Shrouded in utter lack of remorse.
Not a whiff of conscience pricked
Reading unashamedly from a script,
Harking back to Thunderbirds
That well-known World-saving
Theatre of the Absurd…
America, America,
Just what have you released,
A newness of uncertainly
So proudly unleashed?
Whether push comes to shove
Or you don’t care a fig,
Never ever ever trust
A silver-tongued man in an ill-fitting wig…

et cetera, et cetera, et cetera…


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