Travelling Travails

We were all going on s summer holiday.
But Border Controls’ve got in the way…
All the best laid plans laid waste
Seeing as how we’re stuck in one place,
Unable to move in any direction
On account of Controllers’ insurrection.¹
The journey so far’s been reasonably quiet
The kids not yet incited to riot,
Each one wired to some device
(The temporary calm justifying the price,
Although, in truth, I’ve no idea
Exactly what they’re viewing here…)
When I was a kid, we played I-Spy,
Parents so careful not to take sides
And keeping us humoured as best they could
With sweets and comics for just ‘being good’.
We’d watch from the window with curiosity
At all that passed for scenery:
Roads and rocks and Border Patrols,
Sometimes cheerful, frequently droll;
Gorgeously cuddly Alsatians at heel,
Occasionally stopping to pee on a wheel
Or sniff as though their life depends
On picking up some villain’s scent
(Unless, in truth, they’re just pretending,
Making up a playful ending,
Hoping for a treat or two
And quick release from this human zoo)
Things these days seem so much calmer
But for the unmarked sense of harm
Done by a simple act of omission,
In the face of competition
From assorted electronic devices
Retailed at outrageous prices;
These Must-Haves for a generation
A costly kind of innovation
Just to stop the kids complainin’…
Oh, what my folks would’ve given
For even a little electronic supervision…!



¹No political judgements intended by the author…


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