Is the single reason that the world keeps turning
The human capacity for avoidance of learning?
-Lessons of every nature and scale
Daily apparent to no avail,
The human proclivity for safety in habit
A very particular, sturdy facet
Of blind-sighted self-determination
For everything in its place
To avoid temptation…
Irony, perhaps, the heart of the matter,
The simple fact that diamonds shatter:
Priceless perfection reduced to shards
By the briefest moment of disregard…
But isn’t there something pointlessly vain
In valuing ‘beauty’ above the plain?
-That when the lustre finally fades,
There’s nothing left to put on parade,
Whatever it was that first captured attention
Inevitably governed by modern convention,
Lost to the elements, faded to dust,
Mettle to mettle and rust to rust.
When push comes to shove,
Or whatever the cliché
The sun will indeed rise another day
And, as in all the best ballady songs,
We Shall Rise
-To repeat the same old wrongs.


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