This Literary Obituary
Is brought to you by buttons.
Not that Cinderella guy
But via money-gobbling gluttons,
Makers of those little must-have IT miracles
That spread across the ether
Like Chinese bicycles(!)
With no recourse to consequence,
Environmental dominance,
A tidal wave of prominence
Demanding of an audience.
A kind of post-modern magic bean;
This tiny, shiny portable screen
Spreading like a voguish plague
And costing but a weekly wage,
Necessary, so it seems,
In order to realise social dreams:
Hopes, desires and aspirations,
Upgrades to new social stations,
An absolute, unquestionable *must*
For anyone travelling on the bus
(Or on the train or tube, indeed,
Though motorists must pay more heed
To the very simple dangers
To vehicle, self and passengers;
That while tap-tapping at the wheel
Has certain multi-task appeal
Perhaps it really isn’t wise
To risk the lives of other guys…)
Herewith, bi-fold consideration:
Of loss to self as much to nations…
Come the Great Day of Revolution
What will be the best solution
For recording life’s events
When all electronics are dispensed
Through some or other act of #hashtag-ism.
Please forgive my cynicism-
It’s difficult to un-imagine
The exponential mindless passion
For the public publication
Of each and every observation…
Breathing, moving, sitting still,
Doing, wooing, feeling ill,
Wearing away at unnoticed expense
Our deeper connection
With life’s events.


*Refuge In Pencils

http://www.one.org/international/blog/10-incredible-tech-innovations-that-will-benefit-humanity/?source=fblinkUK141802182015 …


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