Civil Engineering*

A bridge over even mildly troubled water
Would be quite an architectural undertaking,
A structure designed to take the weight
Would certainly be worth making
But nonetheless leaves unresolved
The problems of three restless souls
Anxious to secure position
As the country’s leading politician,
Currently standing side by side
At least pretending to be firmly allied,
A triumvirate of buddies all in blue,
Hands on huge salaries, appealing to you:
You, the general population
Liberally distributed over the nation,
Anxiously wondering who’ll steal the audition
For this auspiciously pyrrhic position,
Coming as it does with a handsome abode,
Under armed guard in a private road,
A fully set of staff for domestic chores
A car, a chauffeur and police at the door.
And so it is Mrs May ascends
Leaving Boris and Michael to open pretence,
Proving well beyond reasonable trust
Their professional relationship’s far from robust,
The country, meanwhile, is reeling from shock
At the prospect of being shepherded by this flock.
Only time and history will tell.
Will it be Heaven
Or will it be Hell..?



Prime Minister Theresa May promises a ‘country that works for everyone’ in first speech

et cetera , et cetera, et cetera…


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